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Rick Z & Dr. Vince



Yes, maybe the most “interesting” saddle you’ve ever seen. And guess what?
It’s going to be the most comfortable too!


I’ve been riding bikes for more than 50 years and in 2020 I will make a solo attempt to finish RAAM, the world’s toughest bicycle race, at the age of 63 – in less than 12 days and 21 hours. I know what bikes I’ll use, I have a coach who’s finished the Race Across America [RAAM] 8 times, I’m figuring out my nutrition plan, I’m putting together my crew and up until 4 months ago, the biggest unknown was going to be the bike seat.


Not anymore.


This is the most comfortable, yet supportive saddle I’ve ever ridden. No problems on long rides. No problems on multiple day rides. Every time I stand to climb or just stand to stretch the legs…sitting back down is like you just climbed on. E-v-e-r-y time. It’s just UNBELIEVABLE how comfortable this saddle is.


I have the L1X on my climbing bike and the new E1X will be the first thing
I add to my TT bike!
I know this saddle won’t work for everyone.
But if it does, you are going to be

Use Code: ZRAAM to SAVE $20

Hot off the Presses: 10-10-19

Road Bike Action Magazine named Infinity Bike Seat

one of the top 5 Short Seats for 2019!

Realize cycling season is about over for many.

But this saddle is AH. MAZING. Seriously.

I'm riding 1K-1.5K miles a month on mine.

Order with code: ZRAAM to get a discount.

[P.S. Would make a great gift for anyone always grousing about their sore bum-bum!]


AltRed contains a game-changing phytonutrient naturally found in beets called Betalain. AltRed, improves oxygen delivery*, mitigates lactic acid* and protects muscles from damage* during activity.

*These claims refer to effects observed during exercise. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. AltRed is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


AltRed has been a game changer for me. I feel stronger when I ride. I can rider longer with less fatigue and the recovery benefits are off the charts.

Ride longer. Ride stronger. Ride happy...with AltRed!
Use Code: rzwetsch-altred to SAVE 15%





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  • Helps you recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation

  • Push harder. Go faster.

  • Your personal, on-call, massage therapist




RZ review coming soon...

Beet juice contains nitrates, which act like couriers to quickly deliver oxygen to your muscles.

I know, drink beet juice? You betcha! Both of these taste AMAZING. I drink one can before extended rides of 2 hours or more. And, in conjunction with AltRed, I can see a significant difference in my muscle oxygen levels as measured by the Humon Hex below. That's a good thing!

Try'll like it!


Beet Performer.png



Tart Cherry juice contains anthocyanins which reduce inflammation, fighting post-performance muscle pain.*

This is tart cherry juice at its best. is TART!

Once can after a long ride as part of my recovery routine and I am ready to go the next day. The difference with and without is astounding. I haven't tried before going to bed yet - but will report back when I do.

This is good stuff!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




RZ review coming soon...
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Biostrap Screen_2.jpg

The Humon Hex is an amazing little device. I use it on every ride to help me monitor my muscle oxygen levels. Low oxygen levels = tired muscles. Tired muscles = can't keep riding at the levels
I need to be riding at as I train for RAAM.

I use the Hex in conjunction with Beet Performer and AltRed and the difference in my oxygen levels
is just astounding - especially on rides of more than 6 hours.

The Humon Hex has changed the way I look at my training and has given me the confidence to:
Ride Stronger, Ride Longer, and Ride HAPPY!


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Picky Bars_2.png
these are my faves...
Picky Bars_4.png
Picky Bars_6.png
Picky Bars_5.png
All 3 Oatmeals are
the best I've ever had!
(1 bowl before ALL long rides...)
Picky Bars_7.png
RZ review coming soon...
Picky Bars_3.png
Super Coffee.png

Holy moly is this stuff tasty!

First slug, I thought it was a little too sweet, especially since it has NO SUGAR!. But, man, with every sip it just gets better and better. And 10g of protein? In coffee?

Yes, please!

I pour over ice and drink while I'm riding on the trainer. Nice little caffeine kick, protein, monk fruit sweetness and MCL Oil to boot. Does it get any better?

And the company is cool. You'll see when you order.
Try some Super Coffee.



Super Coffee is blended with:

Certified Organic 100% Arabica coffee: sustainably sourced from local family farms


Natural Grass-fed 100% whey protein: Sustains muscle growth and satiates hunger

100% Pure MCT Oil extracted from Coconut Oil. MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides): provides clean energy, optimizes cognitive function and balances mood


Sweetened with all-natural Monk Fruit: No sugar, rich in antioxidants, no glycemic index, no aftertaste. The unique low-calorie sweetness of monk fruit comes from naturally occurring antioxidants found in the fruit that have a delicious, sweet taste, without the calories of sugar.

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